‘Insurgent’ gets more than US$ 100 million at International Box Office

As it makes its way into the 3rd overseas frame, Insurgent (Lionsgate) has risen to US$100.1 million at the international box office. The film passed US$ 100 million mark earlier on Tuesday and has notably scooped the lifetime of Divergent on a dollar basis in Russia, Brazil, Venezuela as well as the Philippines.

The film is tracking quite well above in local currencies, suggestive of the dramatic swings in different tenders against the greenback over the last year. For example, in France, Insurgent had sold 1.68 million tickets as of 31st March, outperforming its prequel Divergent‘s lifetime of 1.49 million admissions. Even though France is Insurgent‘s top overseas sport, the dollar cume is presently US$ 10.9 million while Divergent‘s final tally was US$ 13.3 million.

Presently at US$ 89.7 million domestically, Tris & Co must sail past US$ 100 million in North America this weekend, taking the worldwide cume to more than US$ 200 million. Insurgent prequel Divergent got the top spot at around US$ 289 million; US$ 138 million from overseas. Insurgent was the No. 2 film abroad last frame, coming in behind a renascent Cinderella that had opened quite well in the United Kingdom, Spain, France and held in China. Insurgent was introduced in Spain just yesterday and a date for China is yet to be fixed.

The top cumes lower than France are the Brazil (US$ 7.8 million), UK (US$ 8.3 million), Russia/CIS (US$ 7.4 million), Australia (US$ 6 million), Mexico (US$ 7.3 million), Venezuela (US$ 4.2 million), the Philippines (US$ 3 million), Benelux (US$ 2.9 million), Germany (US$ 3.7 million) and Italy (US$ 2.6 million).

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