Mufin, the Berlin-based digital music company, has today announced that the latest free release of its mufin player will include the world's first '3D' music navigation feature.

Mufin player 2.0 will include mufin vision, a new 3D music interface which uses three distinct song attributes to display digital music collections as a visual map. The result is that mufin vision provides music fans with a fast, intuitive way to explore the thousands of tracks on their PCs or mobile phones using either a mouse or touch screen interface.

Mufin has created a YouTube video which provides a tour of the new mufin vision 3D music interface.

"Even casual music fans now have access to thousands of digital tracks on their PCs and mobile devices, and managing such vast collections has become a real challenge," said Boris Löhe, mufin President. "We've introduced mufin vision as a unique feature in the free version of mufin player 2.0 to give music fans a truly innovative way to navigate music, and so far the feedback has been amazing."

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