Amazon up for digital music war with iTunes

There is no doubt that digital music has gone global these days. In the last few years, many studios have been made and more importantly, the market of digital music is rising day by day. There is also no doubt on the fact that iTunes is the undisputed leader of digital music. Some say that they are really a benchmark for the industry. And gadgets like iPad, iPhone and iPod makes it more successful.

But the interesting thing is that music purchased from iTunes is only compatible with devices that runs on iOS. Now challengers are looking for some solutions and they are looking forward to make a music store that is not limited to a single platform.

Recently, has unveiled their Amazon AutoRip, which is a service that allows the users to play the music on any internet linked gadget. Unlike iTunes, Amazon AutoRip goes the other way as they flaunt almost everything - Kindle Fire, iPod Touch, iPhone, Apple TV, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac/PC and any device that runs on Android operating system. Also there are planned support for Sonos and Roku.

Not just that, the Seattle based company included a technology which scans Windows Media and iTunes. copies of music that are bought from Amazon Music Store since it started functioning in 1998, will be automatically included to buyer’s online libraries for free.

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