Artists to gain profit

Inspite of the controversial lawsuits, ReDigi has declared that artists will enjoy the profits from the resale of the digital music copies. This is known as “Artist Syndication Program.” The program is intended to “directly support artists” by enabling them to earn profits from the resale of music in the secondary market. ReDigi will share twenty percent of the profits as transaction fees, every time the track sells or is resold.

The intention is to shun the resale of illegally obtained digital files. ReDigi’s Verification Engine ensures that each music file after being uploaded for storage is legally obtained from a source. The Atomic Cloud Transfer system will enable the transfer of digital music file among the buyer and seller without any sort of copying or file sharing.

Earlier if comparison is drawn between traditional physical records, the artists had nothing to gain and were left out even if there were enormous profits after resale. ReDigi is the 1st secondary market in music industry that reimburses artists for the resale of their music.

Founder of ReDigi John Ossenmacher, has claimed that artists has always been paid primary attention for the company. He stated that after the digital landscape swept the sales and brands, they realized that they had a fraction of what they earlier earned. So there arose the need to do something different and change the trend. Music lovers have the opportunity to purchase new music through iTunes on Apart from these, users can also stream, purchase, store and sell pre owned digital music.

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