Beyonce may star alongside Bradley?

Bradley Cooper, the American Sniper star, is all set to make his directorial debut behind a remake of A Star Is Born, the 1954 showbiz drama, and reports suggests that he wants Beyoncé to star along with him.

On 24th March, Deadline Hollywood stated that Warner Bros. is in talks with Bradley Cooper to star and direct in the reworked classic. It reported that once the contract is signed, their first job would be calling Beyonce.

It would be a real jump for Beyoncé, but again, it has been almost a decade since The Pink Panther type of roles, and her recent music-centric movies (like her 2013 HBO doc, Life Is But a Dream) have been quite deep and personal. As Beyonce winds down the highly successful promotion cycle behind her self-titled album in 2013, this might be yet another savvy move from the pop queen.

Bradley Cooper is expected to start working on the movie after he finishes his onstage role in the Elephant Man. After coming from Broadway, the show’s twelfth week run starts on 19th May.
However, as far as A Star Is Born is concerned, Beyonce has not been formally approached yet. This is not the very first time when Bey was linked with this role. Potentially, she would play the role of aspiring actor Esther Blodgett (played by Judy Garland in reality), who collaborate with the main actor Norman Maine (Cooper) in her quest for stardom.

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