CollegeBand restores lost music

In the year 2013, college bands can distribute and keep their music via the Internet. CollegeBand, a brand new record label that is dedicated to promoting and restoring long dormant music from old college artists, targets to fill this gap. CollegeBand's founder and chief executive officer Reed Seerman conceived of the idea in the year 2008, but he did not begun working on it till 2011.

He told that the main goal of the company is to pull up this lost history of music. Any music produced when one of the music artist was attending college is eligible for the group CollegeBand. Every band receives a comprehensive profile on website of the label with the distribution possibilities on popular platforms like Amazon, iTunes and Spotify.

Interested music groups can apply for registration via the website of the label. All services are free for the artists. Reed Seerman told that he was really very inspired to make this unprecedented stage after he worked in music marketing as well as seeing young artists with top marketing events fail to get any reaction or YouTube videos.

He added that each recording has a beautiful virtue of its own. Already, the company has dredged up thousands of recordings. This group also serves universities from which all these music bands emerged. Every band's home university will get five percent of the band's revenue. This is the right thing to do and the band would get half of the remainder and the rest of the amount will go to CollegeBand.

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