Digital Music celebrates a huge mile stone

Recently, the music business celebrated a huge milestone as it has registered its very first revenue increase since the year 1999, across the world. But it the midst of all celebration, there is one region that has failed to join the party - its Africa. Digital music, which responsible for the melioration in the industry’s brighter outlook, but it has failed to catch on most places in Africa.

But that scene may change very soon, as new international and local digital music services expand or open, suggesting that music industry investors and executives see potential for revenue.

In one of the top moves till now, Samsung and Universal Music Group has announced the creation of The Kleek this month, which a Pan-African digital music service that features music from Universal Music’s international catalog as well as from local music artists such as - DJ Vetkuk in South Africa, W4 in Nigeria and Power Boyz in Angola.

In December 2012, South Africans were handed access to iTunes digital music shop from Apple. Almost at the same time, one of the top Internet music streaming services named Deezer (a French company) expanded across most of Africa. And in many other African countries, including Nigeria, local digital music operations such as iRoking have begun to attract a long numbers of listeners.

While digital music accounts for over half of the revenue in music industry in US, and is making a important contribution to the bottom line in Europe as well as in some Asian markets, the challenges remain redoubtable in Africa.

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