Digital music getting popular

The time when David Bowie predicted in the year 2002 that music would turn into a commodity just like electricity and water. He showed business which is as strong as his writing. In most parts of the world, now the music consumers prefers to access music at the touch of a button – like via mobile devices or computers.

Even in South Africa, the value of recorded music fell by around R500m previous year. Last year, analysts called this change from physical to digital distribution. In South Africa, around 85 per cent music sold through call phone.

Right now, the markets ask for the access of the song rather than the ownership of it. These days, digital streaming services permits the listener to listen to the tracks for a modest subscription price and this has become the new business model. Even though South Africa does not have its own streaming service, but around half a dozen companies are selling their music in digital way.

In August, Simfy Africa, which is actually collaboration between Simfy (a music streamer based in Cologne) and eXactmobile, offer 18 million songs for R60/month. Davin Mole, the chief executive officer of the company stated that this was not surprising at all. He told that his family members brought companies like Motorola and Nokia to this country.

There is a huge accessibility as well as affordability of smartphones and this is what narrowing the space between the listener and the digital music.

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