One of India's largest e-commerce player for physical goods Flipkart.com has ventured into downloadable content market by launching a digital music store called Flyte. The digital music store will allow users to find out and download music in form of individual songs or entire albums through a collection which is backed by several leading Indian and international music firms.

Speaking on the launch of Flyte, CEO and Co-Founder of Flipkart, Sachin Bansal said that the company has always maintained that one of their primary focus areas was making digital content available to audiences and launching of Flyte is one of the major steps undertaken in that direction. He further added that launch of the music store in the country is the first step undertaken in this direction because of the wide appeal this category enjoys in a country like India.

Sameer Nigam, VP Digital at Flipkart said the users can download music in 55 languages and 700 genres and sub-genres. It is to be noted that as of now Flipkart is not offering full-length music streaming options and hence users will have to purchase and download track before it can played on their devices. Users can download the same file three times after the initial download. Flipkart says that 99% of the songs available in the store are of CD-quality and by default the songs are encoded in 128kbps.

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