Katy Perry and Lady Gaga might set a record in digital sales

Katy Perry and Lady Gaga’s new singles might set a record when it comes to digital music sales number. Billboard reported that Lady Gaga's "Applause" and Katy Perry's track "Roar" are both anticipated to be at top positions in the Billboard Digital Songs list next week with as many as 400000 each or probably as many as 500000 each. If both the singers achieve the lesser of those 2 sales marks, it would be the very first time that 2 songs have debuted in a week with more than 400000 songs.

The final sales number for both tracks will be unveiled on 21st August. Katy Perry's PrisM releases on 22nd October while Lady Gaga's ARTPOP releases on 11th November.

Africa’s top business-to-business distributor of digital music is really proud to state that now they are working in Ghana, with top artist Eazzy becoming the very first Ghanaian to be a part of the Africori digital music distribution.

Ghana’s top female rapper and singer Eazzy has selected Africori to dish out her music both within Africa as well as across the world. Africori offers African artists access to three hundred digital shops across the world, including Amazon, Rhapsody, iTunes, Napster, YouTube, Spotify as well as several others.

Eazzy told that she joined AFRICORI as several fans across Europe and Africa can easily access and purchase her music. She also wanted to affiliate herself with a pro company that will spread her music on global as well as African platforms like iTunes.

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