Neil Young’s new digital music service

Neil Young, the well known rocker, is determined that he will provide digital music fans a quality alternatives to MP3 players and iPods after making a better service that will be launched in the year 2013.

He has come up with a brand new music service known as Pono that will have an online shop for downloading. It is a thing that turns digital audio files into analog sounding recordings. Neil showed a model Pono player to David Letterman during The Late Show in the United States. The After the Gold Rush told that it would offer the great sound. Neil said that several poor labels are with his new invention and he will plunk it next year.

Speaking about digital music, we must also inform that South Korea’s popular mobile messenger Kakao Talk will unveil an online electronic book and music shop named Kakao Page. It will offer publishing tools for musicians, writers, artists as well as other creative things to market and sell their electronic books, music videos and songs to the users of Kakao Talk, which now has 66 million users.

The whole thing is built on the mobile messaging service that was launched in the year 2010 to flourish into advertising, online games as well as other forms of games. The page will be launched next year and it will be available in South Korea.

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