Netherlands records biggest growth

The digital music market of Neatherlands has now registered the highest growth among all other top European markets in the year 2012. This report was made public by IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry). The important findings of the research reveals that the growth spotted in Netherlands throughout 2012 was the top most in Western Europe (i.e. +66%).

However, the organization showed that digital profits were still not performing as per potential, showing an estimated twenty seven percent of recording industry income last year. In addition to that, piracy levels were partly fueled by government’s reluctance to say that downloading from an illegal source was itself not legal.

Nonetheless, with the steps taken till now to handle online piracy as well as with licensed services spread out their activities, the research made that the Netherlands has the possibility to see the kind of market turnaround which Sweden has relished in recent years.

In specific, the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry stated that out the closing of Megaupload by the United States authorities in January 2012 and the closing of access to Pirate Bay by 2 Internet providers after a court case as 2 successes against piracy that have served the legitimate market in Netherlands to grow.

IFPI figures reveals that , around 6.6 million internet users in Netherlands were utilizing unlicensed services in January last year, when the numbers fell by four percent to 6.1 million by December last year.

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