It has only been five days since there had been reports about Apple increasing the 30 second song preview facility in their iTunes digital music store to a longer 90 seconds. India Infoline reported that Nokia is launching a new concept by the name "Ovi Store Shorties". For the uninitiated, Nokia has an online music store operational in India by the name of Ovi Music. "Shorties" are basically songs that are shortened to 90 seconds of their actual length. So, as you can see this is different from the 90 second preview that iTunes will supposedly allow people to check out songs before purchasing the full-length song.

Nokia's target audience for this concept are people who're constantly on the move and like to listen to newer songs every day. The shorter length songs translate to smaller download sizes thus enabling quicker access to new music. They've tied up with an Indian company - Hungama Digital Media Entertainment to bring 500 songs in these 90 second formats. Hungama is also a digital music store in India that we'd covered in our anti-piracy inspired feature long back.

Now they seem to suggest an apparently observed trend where consumers prefer downloading songs of shorter duration. We're generally used to songs longer than five minutes cut down when played on radio or in a music video. But I'm a little skeptical whether one want to download a clip that's chopped-off to a seemingly short minute and a half. Wouldn't it take away the essence of the song? I really wonder how a musician whose tracks are actually skimmed will actually feel about this. Anyway, here's the link to check out the "shorties" that are currently available. Would you want to listen to these 90 second songs? What if Nokia gave them away as gifts?

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