Shakira spins the ACM Awards

On Saturday, Colombian pop singer Shakira was set to sing a duet at the Academy Of Country Music Awards with singer Blake Shelton. The thirty seven year old Latin American singer sported a sexy red carpet event before the event started in Las Vegas’ MGM Grand.

Shakira, who is known for sporting revealing dresses, was dressed in a lovely shade of green and blue material which clung to her figure from neck to her knees before blazing up to a trumpet hem across her heels.

The dress had strategic cuts off of a black and spidery web designed by Kerr AT, which showed off her skin across the cleavage, waist, arms and along the side of her thighs. With her shapely body, the Colombian had every reason to reveal it.

Summing up an air of ferocity was Shakira's blonde hair which cascaded down her back and across her shoulders. The singer’s make-up was more than natural in tones of brown and beige as she posed on red carpet along with her hands on hips.

That night, she was very excited to perform Medicine along with Blake Shelton, her fellow The Voice coach and ACM nominee. The duo joined forces to record the duet for her new self titles album. Shakira was not up for a ACM award herself, but she played the track for the show’s producers at a meeting arranged for them.

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