Shoals record label finalizes digital distribution contract

Heart of Gold Records, based in Shoals, has finalized a digital music distribution contract with The Orchard, an organization which works independent record labels. The company is owned by David MacKay and Donna Jean Godchaux MacKay of Florence.

The Orchard would dole out music which was earlier released under the organization, and all of their new albums. The next release of Heart of Gold would be the Back Around from Donna Jean Godchaux Band along with Jeff Mattson. The album would be unveiled in February.

Heart of Gold Records has unveiled albums by the Heart of Gold Band, Grown Folks Band, The Tricksters, Donna Jean, The Fiddleworms, Boombox and Donna Jean Band. Donna Jean Godchaux Mackay is an ex vocalist for Grateful Dead.
The Global Recorded Music Market Forecast says that market would go on to be below 2009 profit levels as digital music development struggles to offset steep goes down in physical music sales throughout all regions.

The 2013 packaged music profit would account for fifty five percent of the whole recorded music market, down from sixty one percent in the year 2012, while digital music is anticipated to develop by fourteen percent to account for forty five percent of the whole market this year.

According to reports, Strategy Analytics' analyst Leika Kawasaki stated that as music streaming services continue to expand through all regions, they observe the market changing towards availability and accessibility over actual ownership of digital music.

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