Snoop Dogg has decided to expand his entrepreneurial achievements by partnering with premium tobacco brand Executive Branch and launching his very own cigar line. He says that his career has taken him to numerous destinations across the globe and that he has been very lucky to sample various kinds of tobacco products.

While he was touring Caribbean Islands and South America, he encountered the brand Executive Branch. He feels the quality of tobacco products manufactured by them were far more superior to any other brand he has ever tasted. Snoop Dogg at once resolved to introduce this brand to the United States so that all his fans can enjoy the rich taste of these cigars.

Snoop Dogg reveals that throughout the year of 2012, they are planning to release these cigars in various unique styles and flavors. Snoop Dogg also says that he will work with the production team of Executive Branch to make sure that the cigars meet his standard of excellence.

The first line of cigars from the Executive Branch brand that has been planned to be released nationwide are the Executive Branch Cigarillos, which is also referred to as "The Gentleman’s Choice." The Cigarillos will be made from only premium quality tobacco from the island of Dominican Republic. The pricing for the cigar line will be $0.99 per pouch, with each pouch containing two cigars. The cigarillos will be created by Durfort Holdings SA. They will be distributed nationwide by Good Times USA.

Snoop Dogg plans to unveil his new cigar line during the Coachella Festival on the month of April where he will be headlining with prominent musicians like Dr. Dre, The Black Keys and Radiohead.

Snoop Dogg has canceled the European Tour where he was supposed to perform at the Snowbombing 2012 festival in Mayrhofen, Austria.

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