The music industry may be bellyaching about how tough times are as revenue continues to sink like a rock for traditional music companies, but don't tell that to Jeff Price, CEO of TuneCore. Whilst new records are broken every week (Take That Tickets sold out in 2 hours) some commentators aren't happy with where the music industry is going.

"Unit sales are up, not down," Price said. "That means people are buying more music, not less."

That's sweet music for TuneCore, which makes money by charging fees to distribute music to online merchants such as Apple's iTunes, Amazon.com's MP3 store and Microsoft's Zune.

Less than five years after Price launched it, TuneCore has become the world's largest distributor of music, as measured by volume of releases. The New York company pumps out 15,000 to 30,000 new songs each week, more than most major record labels do in a year.

And it achieves that without scouting and signing artists, operating a recording studio or cranking up a huge marketing machine.

Established musicians such as Jay-Z, Trent Reznor and Aretha Franklin use TuneCore's services, as do lesser known artists.

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